RII40320 – Certificate IV In Underground Metalliferous Mining Operations


Course Description

A full Certificate IV qualification comprising of 16 Units of Competency (8 Core and 8 Electives). This program is aimed at personnel with several years’ experience in underground mining operations, and wishing to progress their career into supervisory roles. Although not mandatory, ideally candidates have a Cert II or III in mining-related Units of Competency and/or a BEUL (Blast End User Licence). This course is designed to meet the mandatory requirements of the NSW Resource Regulator so candidates can then apply for the Statutory Certificate of Competency as an Underground Mining Supervisor.

To obtain this qualification, candidates must successfully complete the required assessment tasks.

The on-line course provides the candidate access to all the training material and assessments required to be completed. It is self paced and requires the candidate to drive their own progress. Ocurrio will provide remote support and guidance through emails.  There is no face-to-face time.  This delivery method may be more suitable to a very experienced individual who is wanting to get their stat ticket in NSW and there are no public courses.  Contact us though because we conduct a range of face-to-face sessions at mine sites and those companies may approve for you to attend!

Delivery Options


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Corporate with Face to Face Sessions

This is our preferred and most sought after format. A typical program will involve a minimum of 10 days face-to-face training over 5-6 months (e.g.) 2 days a month for 5 months. The program can be tailored for the level experience of the candidates and the site requirements. The program includes:

  • Class discussions and sharing learnings
  • Class activities, videos and team exercises
  • Underground inspection
  • Time to work on assessments and ask the trainer for assistance and further information directly
  • Use of your company’s forms and procedures wherever possible (e.g. workplace inspection, JHA, Risk Assessment, pre-start etc.

3 x Specialist Guest Speakers provided by the mining company for the topics:

  • Ventilation
  • Geotechnical
  • Environment

This allows plenty of learning opportunities with our very experienced trainer but also time to practice and apply the skills back in the workplace between classes. The final day is for the candidates to present their improvement projects that have been selected by the candidates and endorsed by the company on real aspects at their workplace that can be improved (e.g. safety innovation, new procedure etc.)

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Course units

This qualification reflects the role of individuals such as supervisors or team leaders, working in underground metalliferous mines, who perform tasks involving a broad range of varied activities, most of which are complex and non-routine. They are responsible for the quantity and quality of the output of others, contribute to the development of technical solutions to non-routine problems and apply mine management plans to the workplace. This qualification is not applicable to coal mining.

RII40320 – Certificate IV in Underground Metalliferous Mining Operations (Release 2)

Core Units:

  • BSBSUS411 – Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • BSBWHS411 – Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs
  • RIICOM301E – Communicate information
  • RIIGOV401E – Apply, monitor and report on compliance systems
  • RIIMEX404E – Apply and monitor systems for stable mining
  • RIIQUA201E – Maintain and monitor site quality standards
  • RIIRIS301E – Apply risk management processes
  • RIIWHS301E – Conduct safety and health investigations

Elective Units:

  • RIIRIS402E – Carry out the risk management process
  • RIIUND401E – Apply and monitor the ventilation management plan
  • RIIERR404D – Apply and monitor underground Metalliferous mine emergency preparedness and response systems
  • RIIWHS403E – Apply the work health and safety management system
  • RIIBLA401E – Manage blasting operations
  • RIIMEX406D – Apply and monitor mine transport systems and production equipment
  • RIIRAI401D – Apply and monitor mine services and infrastructure systems
  • BSBCMM411 – Make presentations

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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Peter Reardon has over 30 years’ experience in mining, construction and heavy industries. He is a qualified Mining Engineer (Honours) and a former underground mine manager. After a successful career in operational roles, he started a risk consultancy Safe Production Solutions (https://www.spsolutions.com.au/) and has assisted many clients to manage risk and compliance across a range of industry sectors through Australasia, Canada, China, Turkey, Laos and PNG. He has trained and mentored 100’s of supervisors in the minerals industry throughout his career, and he looks forward to guiding you through your next step in your professional development.
Peter Reardon has
  • Conducted multiple significant incident investigations into incidents that have caused significant injuries (e.g.) arm amputation, paraplegic injuries; as well as significant process loss events (eg) fires. This includes team leader/facilitator on 8 independent fatal incident investigations and assistance on 30 other significant incidents. Events assisted with has included:
    • Beaconsfield Mine Collapse
    • Northparkes Airblast
    • Dreamworld Thunder River Rapids Ride
  • These investigations also included immediate advice to senior management on how to appropriately respond and manage the event such as dealing with regulators and the police in various states of Australia
  • Assistance to Mine Managers / General Managers, Directors and companies to resolve issues associated with prosecution notices (issued to individuals and companies) and assisted legal teams (for such groups as Mallesons, Blake Dawson Waldron, Sparke Helmore, Harmers, Freehills etc) to defend those prosecutions

Facilitator for over 500 complex, high level risk assessments for large organisations, and multiple risk assessments within the coal mining/processing, metalliferous and construction industries. Various methodologies utilized include HAZOP, HAZID, PHA, CHAIR, WRAC, FTA, FMEA, Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Bow Tie Analysis (qualitative and quantitative). Lead auditor for over 30 major audits including Safety Management Systems, statutory legal compliance, contractor management and technical mining activities/processes (eg) shaft sinking, heavy earthmoving / traffic and project risk management.

Experience includes a risk-based approach to planning for, implementing and monitoring any size of project (> $1B) greenfield’s or brownfield’s projects, to smaller sub-projects such as new equipment (mobile or fixed), capital projects, maintenance or shutdown/turnaround programs, management systems, change management, process improvement, change from contractors to owner/operator etc). Peter has developed and implemented integrated management plans (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO31000, ISO45001) for organisations to meet/exceed statutory requirements including Major Hazard / Catastrophic Risk Programs.

Peter Reardon has
  • Managed all underground operations at a gold mine as the registered Mine Manager
  • This included managing all processes and standards associated with drill and blast operations
  • Conducted explosives and blasting risk assessments, including use of explosives equipment
  • Developed procedures and management plans (eg) Principal Control Plans (PCP) for explosives
  • Conducted incident investigations for matters relating to blasting
  • Trained many underground supervisors in Certificate IV in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Underground) which has included this Unit of Competency
  • Assisted supervisors to prepare for their NSW Statutory oral exam to enable them to fulfil the statutory function as an Underground Mining Supervisor.

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