Maintenance of Competencies

The maintenance of competence scheme is a requirement to keep up-to-date the knowledge and skills of individuals who hold a practising certificate to exercise specific statutory functions.

The requirements for the maintenance of competence can be summarised as including:

The maintenance of competence scheme applies to all practising certificates issued by the NSW Resources Regulator.

Details on Maintenance of Competence Requirements can be found here
FAQ’s on Maintenance of Competence Scheme and Practicing Certificates can be found here

Ocurrio can offer both nationally recognised and non-accredited Maintenance of Competency courses in the key areas of competence
Courses can be delivered face to face or fully on line

These Units are also excellent for progressing your professional development – They are included in a wide range of qualifications.

2. Legislation

Review of WHS and mining legislation – which includes:

4. Leadership and management

5. General WHS topics

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