MDG15 Compliance (Mobile Plant And Equipment)


A short course designed for candidates with some knowledge and understanding of managing or maintaining mobile plant and equipment, and wishing to gain formal accreditation in conducting equipment inspections and audits. In NSW, the Resource Regulator has a requirement for the application of the Mine Design Guideline (MDG) 15. This course will provide the candidate the skills to conduct an MDG15 audit. Successful candidates will attain the following Unit of Competency, which may also be used as a credit transfer into other qualifications:

RIISAM301E – Test operational functions of vehicles and equipment

To obtain this Statement of Attainment, candidates must successfully complete the required assessment tasks.

Our preferred and most sought after format:
* 1 Day (8hr) seminar that includes physical inspections and MDG15 audit on your site equipment using your forms
* Inspections and Assessment Quiz
* Share ideas of how to improve your current site forms and procedure
* Latest checklists and guidance
* Use of technology such as tablets and iPhones



Plus 10% GST


  • Access to on-line portal
  • Training Material
  • Supporting Resources
  • Language: English
  • Nationally Accredited Statement of Attainment (Certificate)

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